Royal Houses

ENKI (en-key)
Sigil: Arosian Ten-Shi
Colours: Black & Gold
Motto: Angels Defend Us

SETI (setee)
Sigil: Beast of Typhon
Colours: Red, White & Black
Motto: Death Before Dishonour

EBLA (eb-lah)
Sigil: Tamerian Lion
Colours: Red, Gold & Brown
Motto: Brave, Not Fierce

WOTAN (woe-tan)
Sigil: Snow Wolf of Utak
Colours: Black, Grey & Silver
Motto: Cold Is Our Ally

XAAN (sahn)
Sigil: Eno Fire Wasp
Colours: Purple, Yellow & Bronze
Motto: Fear My Sting

KAITO (kai-toe)
Sigil: Orinx Dragon
Colours: Green & Bronze
Motto: The Flames And The Fury

ARAT (ah-rat)
Sigil: Varian Silver Hawk
Colours: Dark Blue & Silver
Motto: We Come From Above

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