Monday, 30 November 2015

Images of the People, Places & Classic Cars of Cuba

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, a tropical paradise where lovingly preserved 1950s American cars adorn streets lined with crumbling, centuries-old buildings. And, somehow, the seemingly incongruous all fit together in one of the safest and most photogenic countries in the world.

I spent 11 wonderful days in Cuba, during which I took all the photographs presented in the photography books - Images of Cuba and Classic Cars of Cuba.

A living museum, Cuba effortlessly appeases all the senses. With its warm, educated, population and famed for its hand-rolled cigars, rich coffee, exceptional rum, stunning tropical vistas, unrivalled cultural heritage and infectious music, Cuba is like no other place on Earth.

Due to its unique history, many of Cuba's aspects remain frozen in time. With an estimated 60,000 antique vehicles still in active use, it has more classic cars per person than any other nation in the world.

A lifetime after rolling off Detroit production lines, yank tanks manufactured by Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and others remain in active service on Cuban streets. Once the exclusive property of Cuba's large, pre-revolution middle-class, these cars are kept running by the pooled resources of today's poverty-stricken families.

Images of Cuba:

Classic Cars of Cuba: