Paria College

Excellence, Knowledge, and Wisdom...

from the notes of Thomas Andrew Baker

Founder: Rev Dr Conroy McKenney
Master: Eldred Seymour Gobelyn
Captain: Colin Sampson
Mascot: Ocelot. Colour: Red. Element: Fire. Ideal: Passion.
Motto: Courage, bravery, loyalty and idealism.

Founder: Erebus Apophis Corbeau
Master: Lucien Talman
Captain: Adrian Leotaud
Mascot: Bushmaster. Colour: Green. Element: Water. Ideal: Emotion.
Motto: Wisdom, ambition, achievement and resourcefulness.

Founder: Errol Hume
Master: Allister Shen
Captain: Dylan Rush
Mascot: White-necked jacobin. Colour: Blue. Element: Air. Ideal: Ideas.
Motto: Reason, creativity, intelligence and communication.

Founder: Rev Dr Theodore Woolfe
Master: Amita Abilash
Captain: Kareem Ali
Mascot: Tayra. Colour: Yellow. Element: Earth. Ideal: Stability.
Motto: Industry, tolerance, compassion and equality.

from the notes of Thomas Andrew Baker

Dr Gerald Harry – (Hairy Harry) Principal / Religious Knowledge

Bhekizitha Duna – (Shaka Duna) Vice-Principal / Dean

Eldred Seymour Gobelyn – (Goblin) English Language

Cyril Williams – (Silly Willy) Caribbean History / Debating Society

Melda Petronella Mallory – (Obeah Widow) European History

Paco Jimenez Calabazo – (Poco Calabash) Spanish

Amita Abilash – (Miss Cutlash) Visual Arts / Photographic Society

Lucien Talman – (Lucky Shortman) Physics / Chess Club

Pandaros Hooghly – (Oogly Panda) Chemistry

Noreen Adams – (Spexy) Geography / Tennis Club

Allister Shen – (Master Shen) Mathematics / Music

Pranit Prakash – (Car Crash) Office Management / Principles of Business

Hugo Balgobin – (Haemoglobin) Biology / Cricket Club

Mrs Pearl Pascale – (Miss Mow Dem) Information & Communications Technology

Maurice George – (Georgie Porgie) English Literature / Christian Fellowship

Bernard Mendoza – (Bulldozer) Physical Education

Ranjit Gulzar – (Ranjit) Groundsman

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